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Some months I want to yell to the mountain tops when that time of the month comes around. All of the things that our bodies go through and Cramps are another to add to the list. 

The Superwoman Soothing Bath Tea for PMS & Cramps is so amazing for helping you to soothe and nix those uncomfortable cramps away. Naturally formulated to give you the utmost care! 

After all, a Superwoman is exactly what you are!!! 

Key Ingredient


Fennel seeds are teeming with anti-inflammatory properties. Fennel is effective in relieving water retention and also regulates female hormones.

Fennel is an effective herb to treat irregular periods. It helps to balance the hormones and promote ovulation.

Each tea blend comes in 6 oz. accompanied by our in house dried fruit blend to make your bath time experience absolutely amazing. Because YOU deserve it!

P.S. After initial use allow your herbs to dry. Steep another 1-2 times for ultimate usage.

For External Use Only. 

Superwoman Soothing Bath Tea for PMS & Cramps

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