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Let's take nature, a little chemistry and a love for all things natural and see what we get!

The Moonlight Botanical Infused Bath & Body Oil combines a sensual fragrance with a beautiful floral blend. An all-natural oil blend that provides the ultimate beauty experience - a youthful glow, intoxicating scent, and silky skin. Rosehip is used to deliver hydrating luxury and take this nourishing, botanical body oil to the next level.

Use it as a massage oil or as a daily use body oil after your bath or shower, or add a few drops to a warm bath and use it as a bath oil.

Glowing skin is within reach!

Key Ingredient

Blue Cornflower

Representing positive hope for the future, the Cornflower is a humble reminder of nature's simple beauty and the fullness of life's cycle.

Ingredients: Organic Blue Cornflower, Pink Himalayan Salt, Sunflower Oil, RoseHip Oil, Fragrance

Moonlight Botanical Infused Bath & Body Oil

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