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Everything that you love about Fire Cider but none of the taste! We've taken our traditional Fire Cider recipe and made it easier to take in capsule form!

Our Fire Cider has Oranges, Lemons, Jalapeno, Hibiscus, Ginger and so much more!

This is a concentrated blend to give you top tier immune boosting properties and help fight off colds and influenza! This is also an anti-inflammatory because of the wonderful effects of Turmeric with Black Peppercorn!

***Benefits of Fire Cider***

•Helps relieve nasal congestion

•Supports digestion

•Draws warmth to the body to help fight off viruses and helps prevent illness

•Boosts immunity

Take 1 capsule for general well-being, daily!

☘️ This product contains 40 capsules ☘️

**Please consult your doctor before ingesting if you are nursing or pregnant**

Fire Cider Immune Boosting Capsules

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