Have you ever gotten to the point in your hair journey where no matter what products you use, nothing works? Lacking moisture? Hair looking dull or lifeless?


The Scalp Detox is the answer to curl prayers! A special blend of herbs specifically designed to revive your hair, remove product residue from the scalp and give your hair a healthy boost and reset.


Key Ingredient:




Great for restoring moisture to your hair whenever it get's dry and also helps to fix split ends, adds shine.




Jasmine contains moisturizing properties to stop prevent hair breakage. Similar to fan favorites such as jojoba oil, jasmine oil is light and able to penetrate the hair shaft and cuticle to deeply conditions. It also maintains your natural moisture and elasticity.


Are you ready to Detox?


Each bag of Scalp Detox will yield 6 herbal rinses when using 1 Tbsp per application.



Scalp Detox

  • Due to the handcrafted nature of our products, we do not accept returns.


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