Honey & Maple St. Soap Co. invites you to try our signature soap bar, packed with so much goodness for your skin swirled with delicious ingredients like honey & ginger. Simple but wholesome ingredients is what allows your skin to thrive! We provide you with natural goodness so that you can be your best self on a daily basis.


Key Ingredient



Rejuvenates Skin

Both ingesting ginger and applying it topically have major anti-aging benefits. It contains around 40 antioxidant properties that prevent free radical damage and protect against aging. It also evens skin tone and improves elasticity.


Ingredients: Purified Water, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Ginger, Wildflower Honey, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance Oil, Essential Oil

Honey & Maple Signature Bar

  • Due to the handcrafted nature of our products, we do not accept returns.

    If irritation occurs, please discontinue use.

    Due to the handmade nature of this product, there may be variations in the final product but does not affect the overall performance of the product.

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