Ever want to boost your mood and get that natural high that others talk about? Our Earth Blendz Herbal Cigarettes are the bee's knees! Red Roses combined with Plantain offers you anxiety relief along with mood boosting properties. The best part? It's from nature! 

Key Ingredient

Red Rose

The Benefits of Smoking Rose Petals. When smoking rose petals, you will quickly get a taste for the positive effects. They create a feeling of inner peace, at the same time, act as an aphrodisiac and also reduce depression. The scent of the rose petals alone is stimulating and can lift the mood.


The North American wild herb, plantain (Plantago major), helps reduce cravings for cigarettes.  Not only does plantain reduce cravings for cigarettes, it also reduces lung inflammation and helps to clean out the lungs.

Each container comes with 5 herbal cigarettes rolled in slow burning natural leaf for the cleanest and purest smoke session.

Earth Blendz Herbal Cigarettes